In a world, where up-time is the top priority for businesses to operate. Are you looking for a reliable private cloud hosting service that reduces the possibility of downtime of your servers with no extra output data usage cost? Check out our service that is both dependable and it only requires a one-time total cost. 

Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud

What is a Private Cloud?

What is the cloud?

It is a general term that involves delivering hosted services over the internet. The services are classified into three different types: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). 

What is a private cloud?

It is a type of cloud computing that has similar benefits as a public cloud but it is dedicated to the needs and goals of a single organization. 


Other Public Cloud

Varying Total Cost

Usually, there would be a capacity limit for output data usage which requires customers to pay when the capacity exceeded and this accumulates cost. Hence, even though the price of the cloud service has been paid, extra charges could still be added leading to multiple payments. 

Increase in Possible Downtime

Apart from infrastructure failures, a single network line with one internet service provider could affect business operations as well. Often, public clouds would only have a single provider for their network. Hence, If the network is down, the probability of a longer downtime is higher.

Dual Problem Sources

When the cloud is inaccessible, there could be two possible root causes: Cloud Service or Internet Service Provider. Customers would then have to personally call both sources to verify the cause.


Cloud3 Solution's Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud Benefits

Extensive Service (Single Source)

Our service starts at your company's doorstep, it includes internet service lines to the hosting of your private cloud. Since our service covers entirely, in the case of cloud inaccessibility we would be responsible and you would only need one point of contact.

Decrease in Downtime

We also provide two network lines by different Singapore internet service providers (ISP) whichever combination it may be. This lowers downtime because if one ISP is down, there would be another line to connect to your cloud and the probability of both going down is really low. This ensures that your employees and customers would still have access to the cloud.

​Additionally, if your company have an existing ISP, we would still provide you with the second ISP line!​

One-time Total Cost

Our service does not include any output data usage capacity which means no extra charges. You do not have to worry about bills coming your way! 

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