Cloud3 Solutions provides you with secure and dependable three-tier data centers to deploy your servers which are located in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia! 


Highly Secured

We will safeguard your servers for you! Our data centers are monitored by both outstanding AI and engineers to ensure that your servers are protected and monitored around the clock. It is highly secured. So, you do not have to worry because you are in good hands! 

High Reliability

We want to ensure that your servers would have minimized downtime. Hence, our data centers are kept in stringent temperatures and humidity. This means that the ideal environment your servers are in will never falter. They are also stocked with a redundant and active power supply that reduces the probability of downtime from happening. Additionally, our data center are categorized as tier 3 and it is known that they have only 1.6 hr of downtime annually. 

We Sell by Single Unit of Rack Space (Save, Save, Save!)

With our help, you get to save on ownership costs, time and resources. Since we sell the rack space a unit by a unit. We can save you on costs such as ownership costs of a data center, entire rack space or even extra resources to maintain your servers. So, we got you covered! You can just rent what you need. 


Supervised Maintenance by Our Experts

If your servers need repairs, our remote-hands are there! Without needing you to be there, we will help you ensure that our on-site engineers are there to supervise the repairs. Our engineers are both experienced and on standby 24/7.  Giving you a piece of mind without the hassle of coming down yourself. 

Additional Security Consultation

Other than providing you with this hosting service, we also provide free consultancy services to assist you in evaluating your organization's security infrastructure. After evaluation, we will advise you on how you can strengthen it.  

All Under One Roof

Since your server is hosted with us, we will manage all the related services that are required such as the internet service provider. Hence, if it does happen that there are issues or support needed. We will be your only point of contact, making it much more efficient for you. 

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