Cloud PCs vs Traditional PCs, which is better for your company? Cloud PC is a virtual solution that stores the data & content of your company's PCs onto a secure cloud that allows end users to access it anywhere and on any devices. No need for desk-side support, costly hardware upgrades, and yearly asset count!   

1 Cloud. Many Devices. Less Time Transferring.

What is Cloud PC?

Cloud PC is a virtual PC solution runs your usual application and content of a regular PC, but it’s content hosted secured cloud. 

The application can be accessed on any smart devices or PC seamlessly.   

Resource intensive application such as AutoCAD, Adobe, and MSOffice can be accessed from a smart mobile device when you are on-the-move. 

It supports most brands of devices such as tablets, smartphones, PCs, and notebooks on IOS, Android or Windows. 


Our Cloud PC

Benefits of Cloud PC

1) Total Cost of Ownership can be Reduced By 30% to 56% 

  • No more costly hardware upgrade.
  • Existing hardware can be reused - saving money and time.
  • No more desk-side support needed.
  • As low as $68 per month (GST included)

2) Data Loss Prevention

  • Your data is securely stored in our secured data center location.
  • Data-leak via USB will be a thing of the past.  

3) It Enhances Mobility

  • You can access your files from anywhere, using handheld devices such as tablets and mobile phones as well as your laptops and desktops when you are  "in" or "out" of office.
  • Linux-based and Microsoft Windows-based operating systems are supported on multiple devices.

4) Easy Management

  • No end-user physical asset to managed or maintain.
  • No need for desk-side support.
  • No need for yearly asset count. 

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