Finding ways to back up and secure your valuable data? This service allows you to store your data in secure Cloud storage across different workloads including Office 365 protection and it has the ability to prevent & recover from Ransomware attacks. 


Our Cloud Backup Service

Do you have a solution to prevent valuable data loss on the most widely used office 365 applications?

Have you ensured that all your organization's devices are backed up securely?  

Do you have a solution to prevent and recover from a Ransomware attack?

Is your organization prepared for data loss incidents? ​

Is your data protected off-site?

If  the answer Is “No” to any of these questions, we can help you!

Our cloud backup service includes a secure backup and recovery powered by Acronis for your organization's valuable data across different platfomrs.

What do we sell?

Cloud Backup Service Powered by Acronis

Office 365 Software

  • Anti-Virus Add On
  • Anti-Spam Add On

Buy Office 365 from us, we will give you FREE 10 GB Acronis Cloud Backup & Recovery Storage! 

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Acronis Active Protection

An advanced ransomware protection technology that helps protect your data from this nefarious, modern data threat. Safeguards your data from recent ransomware like Petya, WannaCry, and Osiris 

Pattern Detection

Observes patterns in how data files are being changed on a system and comparing actions with malicious behavior patterns to identify ransomware threats. 

Whitelist & Blacklist

Capable of detecting new threats based on already identified patterns as well as learned ones. It also maintains a whitelist — programs that are allowed and expected to perform certain actions — to prevent authorized activities from being falsely tagged as unauthorized. 

Self-defense of Backup Files

In the case of criminals targeting the Backup Files instead,  Acronis has a robust self-defense mechanism that would prevent the attack. Additionally, they monitor the Master Boot Record of Windows-based computers which would prevent illegitimate changes to be made to stop you from booting your computer properly. 

Actual Recovery of Ransomed Files

Acronis Active Protection detects and deflects ransomware attacks, and restores files of any size from a variety of backup sources even if the malicious ransomware has encrypted the data files before it Acronis Active protection have stopped it. Unlike other anti-ransomware solutions.  

Protection from Future Threats

 They address three types: 

  • Attackers that try to infect or compromise local or cloud backups
  • Attacks that are smaller and harder to notice, for example changing only a small part of a document or photo deep in your hard drive
  • Attackers coming up with creative new ways to attempt to surreptitiously change your files without your knowledge


Our Cloud Backup's Benefits

Protection for any Workload


 Protect Windows, Linux, Macs, eight major hypervisors, iOS, Android, Microsoft apps, Office 365, G Suite. 

AI-based Ransomware Protection


 Defend customers’ data, systems, and backups from ransomware with Acronis Active Protection. 

Fast & Reliable backups


 Avoid backup files corruption, resume/stop backup jobs any time, back up at 500 MB/second and faster.

Acronis Instant Restore


 Recover systems in seconds by starting any system directly from backup storage. 

Acronis Universal Restore


 Perform dissimilar hardware recovery dramatically faster, without incompatibility issues. 

Quick Self-Service File Recovery


Provide employees with a web-based console to access backups, search for and restore files from anywhere. 

Our Cloud Backup's Benefits

Physical Data Shipping


Perform initial seeding faster by shipping a hard drive with the original full backup to an Acronis data center. 

Simple DRaaS add-on


Add DR functionality to the backup system in mere minutes in order to spin up systems in the cloud. 

Secure Cloud Data Centers


Acronis data centers are Tier-IV designed and have received a number of major security certifications 

Total Office 365 Protection


Protect the most widely used Office 365 applications with a reliable backup and recovery solution 


Windows Migration

"All good things must come to an end, even Windows 7. After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7. But you can keep the good times rolling by moving to Windows 10." - Microsoft

In order to stay relevant, most businesses have started to adopt Windows 10. Hence, to support this migration, Cloud3 Solutions Cloud Backup Solution powered by Acronis would help ease the process.

Acronis’ backup solutions provide simple data migration tools – whether you want to move your personal data to another PC or migrate your entire business to a new OS version.

When you have acquired Our Cloud Backup Solution powered by Acronis, Acronis’ disk imaging technology thoroughly captures data, settings, registry, applications, and hidden files stored on your current Windows 7 operating system can be backed up into the Cloud. This ensures the security of your data, simple migration and it reduces data loss.

Once, your operating system has been upgraded, the data stored in the Cloud can be migrated into the newer operating system. This makes it hassle-free for you and data security would not be an issue. Whether you’re moving your music library and family photos to a new laptop or transferring your company’s server workloads and production systems to different hardware (including bare metal), virtual machines, or different hypervisors.

Source: Acronis, Microsoft